We provide Texas jurisdictions local sales tax revenue recovery, enhancement and administrative services. We are a Texas company, founded in 2007, with offices in Austin and Houston. We provide services Texas-wide.



Ernestina S. Rodriquez (Tina) is the company’s founder and principal owner. Tina retired from a 28+ year career in multiple areas of the Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts’ (TCPA) operations. Tina and other staff combined have over 65 years of TCPA experience. The breadth and depth of this experience provides unique insight into the TCPA’s local sales tax data and processes and allows us to provide the most comprehensive sales tax revenue recovery and enhancement service in Texas.


Our services range from assisting/complementing a jurisdiction’s staff to providing full sales tax administration. Services include:

  • SALES TAX REVENUE ENHANCEMENT. Identify and fix errors that recover missing sales tax or increased future sales tax revenue.
  • SALES TAX COMPLIANCE REVIEWS. Analyze major sales tax contributors to assure businesses located within and outside a jurisdiction are reporting sales tax to it correctly.
  • SALES TAX SOURCE ANALYSIS. Analyze sources of sales tax revenue and provide insight into revenue sensitivity to certain types of businesses.
  • SALES TAX TRENDS ANALYSIS. Analyze historic trends of major sales tax contributors and industry groupings and compare current sales tax receipts to appropriate prior periods.
  • SALES TAX REVENUE FORECAST. Analyze sales tax revenue sources and trends to provide an informed basis for projecting future sales tax revenue and provide a sales tax forecast.
  • ECONOMIC TRENDS INFORMATION. Provide sales tax change trend information for comparison with neighboring local jurisdictions as well as regional and state data to better assess current and future economic trends.
  • NEW SALES TAX STUDIES. Provide estimates of a potential new sales tax for a jurisdiction or an impact assessment of annexations or new or increased sales tax rates in certain areas of a jurisdiction.
  • SALES TAX SHARING ACCOUNTING. Provide research, analysis and accounting support necessary to administer sales tax revenue sharing for Texas Local Government Code Chapter 380 and other inter-local agreements.